About The Product

Launch Ready E-Commerce Storefronts

Launch Cart specializes in building Ready-To-Sell E-Commerce Online Stores that come installed with high-converting product lineups built upon our BRAND NEW Launch Cart 2.0 e-commerce cloud-based software platform.

$1997 Product Price

$798 Commision (40%)

1) Why Was Launch Cart Created?

2) Preview Launch Cart E-Commerce Software

Launch Dates

Pre-Launch Aug. 13th-15th (2018)

Cart Opens 20th-25th (2018)

Last year we did a $1million + launch and this year is going to be bigger. Get your links for one of the hottest converting offers in the E-Commmerce space of 2018!

Email Swipe / Promotion Materials

$100K in Affiliate Bonuses

Cash Prizes! ($62K)

1st Place - $16,000 - Minimum 100 Sales

2nd Place - $12,500 - Minimum 75 Sales

3rd Place - $9,500 - Minimum 65 Sales

4th Place - $7,000 - Minimum 50 Sales

5th Place - $5,500 - Minimum 40 Sales

6th Place - $3,500 - Minimum 25 Sales

7th Place - $3,000 - Minimum 20 Sales

8th Place - $2,500 - Minimum 16 Sales

9th Place - $1,500 - Minimum 12 Sales

10th Place - $1,000 - Minimum 10 Sales

Lead Mini Contest ($1,500)

First person to 500 leads each day of prelaunch wins $500

Sales Contest Sprints on Fire and Last Day of Sales Contest ($10-$15)

First person to 50 sales on day 1 $5K

First person to 50 sales midway through sales week $5K (If budget allows)

First person to 50 sales on last day $5K

Optional Final Drawings
(to be announced on the previous day's leaderboard email)($1,000)

Send us a pic of you queueing up today's email, in your LaunchCart shirt (everyone who does it gets put in a drawing for $500)

Send a testimonial (video gets you 2 entries - put into a drawing for $500 - must be mailing that day to win

Winner to be drawn and announced the day following the mini contest.

Contact Our Affiliate Team

Please reach out to our affiliate team if you need help.


Email: jeni.rogers@thenetmomentum.com